[luci] Save and Apply Buttons?

Frank Parker mr.frank.parker at gmail.com
Sat Nov 19 17:23:02 CET 2011

What determines which buttons appear at the bottom of a page?

I couldnt find this info in the docs or a mailing list search.

I have noticed that most pages in Essentials mode have only a [Save] +
[Reset] button while most pages in Administration mode have [Save] +
[Save & Apply] + [Reset] buttons.

If I understand correctly, [Save] pushes the change to /etc/config /*
and [Save & Apply] does the same plus reboots the router, correct?

If my custom page only needs to write to /etc/config/myapp.lua but not
reboot the router, how do I get ONLY a [Save] button?

To make model/cbi/mini/myapp.lua I duplicated
model/cbi/mini/system.lua which only has a [Save] button.  However, my
page is currently showing [Save] + [Save & Apply] so this must be
coming from another location.


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